Azzurra Cesari: Girl Talk

An all-female dialogue to promote and protect the future of made in Italy jewelry. Azzurra Cesari, Special Project Manager Cesari & Rinaldi Gemmai Futurgem Group, talks about it

«Under the aegis of Assogemme, we are trying to feel closer, to listen more to each other and try to work as a team together, also with the intent of exchanging views», begins Azzurra Cesari, speaking about the talk organized by Assogemme, "The future of jewellery. New generations of women in comparison in the jewel system": an event created with the aim of outlining an overall overview of the made in Italy goldsmith industry from the point of view of the younger generations and indicating the strategic guidelines for a more sustainable development. «This talk comes from a communion of intentions. Only later did we realize that we were all women and decided to highlight this feature. Indeed, we have started witnessing a rather significant female presence in the new generations of the jewelry world.» And such presence is represented, together with Cesari, by Alessia Crivelli and Isabella Traglio. «In addition to her role as Marketing Manager of Crivelli, Alessia Crivelli is President of Mani Intelligenti, a foundation committed to building a very important training program in the Valenza area. Isabella Traglio, General Vice Director of Vhernier, has an all-around role and has always promoted, protected and pushed jewelry design towards the future. I personally maintain my role as representative of the entire supply chain. Assogemme represents the main operators in the field of colored gemstones: cutters of gems, diamonds, pearls and corals, wholesalers, industry professionals, dealers, jewellers, retailers, manufacturers and distributors. Our challenge is to safeguard and enhance great craftsmanship but at the same time promote the development of a certain type of technology, and make sure that the two aspects complement each other.»

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