Back to Nature with Carmen Aoun

From Paris to Vicenza and, more precisely, to The Design Room. Carmen Aoun brings the glamour and modernity of her Cédille collections to VICENZAORO

Used to taking part at leading jewelry trade shows which, every year, crown the already well-nourished appointment with the Fashion Week shows,  this year, Carmen Aoun has decided to present the glamour and original creations of her Cédille brands within the international context of The Design Room at VICENZAORO. 

This is your first time at VICENZAORO... 

Yes. I am truly delighted to have been given the chance to be among the eight brands exhibiting inside The Design Room. You can practically breathe quality and internationality here. 

What makes your creations stand out?

They follow a mood that is extremely trendy at the moment, or rather, the desire to go back to nature in search of silence and contemplation. My jewelry celebrates the beauty and strength of everything that can be found in nature, from fruit to leaves and every species of animal: snakes, birds, frogs, fish. 

When and why did you launch your Cèdille brand?

I launched it in 2015. I’m a gemologist, I adore gems and I have always worked in the jewelry realm, which is my greatest love, together with art.  I felt the need to unite all these passions in order to better express my creativity. Moreover, the market is saturated in terms of classic jewelry. It needed something new, amusing and trendy. And that is what I want to offer with Cèdille.

Which precious stones do you use the most?

If we are speaking of nature, I must work with stones that well represent the colors. For this collection, I have used emeralds, tsavorites, brown diamonds and rubies. 

Future ambitions?

To always create something new that intercepts my customers’ needs so that my items can act as a driving force and suggest new trends.

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