Better Silver: Space for Young People

Broadening and generational change: these are Better Silver's hot topics which, with its stimulating productive microcosm, testify to the great recovery taking place in the goldsmith sector

The Italian jewelry world is experiencing a moment of recovery greater than even the best forecasts had imagined, during the lengthy "work standstill" caused by the pandemic. Highly tangible proof comes from names such as Better Silver, whose production reality well represents the sector’s entire supply chain cycle. "We buy the raw material, which, in our case, is silver and, through all the various product transformation phases - about 15 -, we achieve the finished jewel, as seen in the shop windows. Ours is a complete cycle,” explained Paolo Bettinardi. Considered a leader in the production of silver chains which, this Venetian company, with its stimulating microcosm, in this particular phase of recovery, aims to expand its structure. «There was a clear need to make room for new technologies and a greater production capacity. We therefore increased the size of our facility by 2,500 m², thus reaching a total area of more than 15,000. As of early 2022, we will be internally active.» This expansion obviously led to the need to hire new professionals. The CEO, who considers training as one of the most important challenges of the coming years, focused on this point. «This year we hired seven new figures for positions that did not exist before because work evolves as do the necessary skills. What we are proud of is that five of the boys are under 23. And it's a great achievement. It is really difficult these days to find young people who want to make a career in a sector like ours. Companies must make themselves more attractive: the factory is not a dirty and alienating world, but a place made of technology, innovation and experimentation. Young people must understand that working inside a factory can be a great adventure. Beyond the machines, it is people who make the difference, and it is our responsibility to ensure generational change, so that the future of such a promising sector continues on its path towards expansion.»

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