Cameo Italiano: Jewelry from the Sea

From past to future. The cameo becomes constantly evolving jewelry thanks to the Torre del Greco brand, Cameo Italiano

«Many of our collections have vintage roots to which we always add a modern touch.»

«The nature of shells and the hands of man guided by a common thread that passes through the heart.» This is how Gino Di Luca describes the value of Cameo Italiano in a single sentence. A Torre del Greco brand, Cameo Italiano is devoted to creating contemporary jewelry made with the ancient technique of engraving on shell. The history of cameos, in fact, delves its roots into a very distant past. Inseparably linked to eras like the Renaissance and the Romanticism period, in the past, the precious faces sculptured onto mother-of-pearl were every fashionable woman's object of desire. Since the 1950s, Cameo Italiano has been the mouthpiece of this art form's culture and tradition and, thanks to the ability and skill of the very best master engravers - to be precise, 35 master craftsmen work exclusively for the brand - the company now continues to re-interpret the cameo's value with items of jewelry that, while steeped in art, history and tradition, are innovative at the same time, both in the material combinations and stylistic research. 


  • Gino Di Luca, Cameo Italiano's CEO

    Gino Di Luca, Cameo Italiano's CEO

«The range of subjects yet to be engraved on shell is enormous.»

«The Cameo is a niche jewelry item. We have re-launched and re-invented it and offer a truly current version. Many of our collections have vintage roots to which we always add a modern touch,» explains Gino, who is now the company's CEO although he also plays an active part in the creative side of things. «We hold a round table every forty days at which our master craftsmen (designers and sculptors) and we businessmen sit in order to approve new designs and projects. We have a lot fun and we enjoy it.»

In 2011, the brand was re-launched with the mission to bring a beautiful and fascinating history that has always been the prerogative of enthusiasts and collectors, to the attention of the world. An ambitious challenge that required «11 months of experimentation» before deciding on the path that, over the years, has proved to be a winning one. Today, the brand produces a series of collections that follow the dictates of fashion without sacrificing the value and quality of the cameo. How did it arrive at this point? «By combining the power of the cameo with materials like silver and rhodium and using modern designs.» Moreover, by sanctioning the bond between cameos and women, Cameo Italiano's collections are now unisex and go beyond jewelry. At Oroarezzo, the brand presented its latest collection of watches and revealed that other accessories would soon be enriched with miniature mother-of-pearl sculptures. Demonstrating that the range of subjects yet to be engraved on shell is enormous.

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