Anna Maccieri Rossi: Challenging the Concept of Time

Living in the “here and now.” Anna Maccieri Rossi’s creative journey continues on with an idea of time that is ever more evolved and precious, taking a more simplified approach with the essential, dynamic lines in her two new collections

When Anna Maccieri Rossi founded the fine-jewelry brand that bears her name, her intentions were clear: «I seek magic not beauty. In everything I do,» she said when she presented her first collections, which took inspiration from the great complications in Swiss watches to present a new idea of time. More than a year after her debut, the designer – who gained her experience in the style offices of Cartier, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Tiffany & Co. Watches – continues to reflect on time and the meaning it should have in our lives, continuing her journey with an aesthetic that is, of course, beautiful but, most of all, has great meaning.. «Reflecting on the theme that is at the center of all of my creations, time, I have now tried to go beyond. I didn’t want to only take inspiration from the movement but to use that concept to send a message. My aim is not exclusively artistic or cultural. I would like my jewels to touch people, reawakening a sense of awareness. Time is now, time is precious. We need to experience it, appreciate it, not just admire it, let it flow, chase it». She has used design to translate these ideas into her new collections, and Anna expresses her thoughts via the symbolic names of the lines. «In the “Carpe Diem” collection, the message is simple: seize the day. Take it, remember to live, with love, with authenticity. The line includes a necklace with a pendant as well as a ring. Both jewels have a watch movement. The star of the show is a single star-shaped indicator that moves each second, free from the dial. Continuously. Autonomously. For the first time, the movement is not used to tell time, the moments of the day, a precise instant. On the contrary, it is used as a reminder to live. To be happy. To act. To be yourself». The Night & Day collection is all about the authenticity of women. It starts from an idea of being able to wear a jewelry piece from the morning to the evening. «I like the idea that a woman can leave in the morning wearing an object that makes her feel good, perhaps with something discreet and simple… and then, as night approaches, she goes home to “transform” the jewel and completely changes the mood.We women are many things. I hate when people try to label us, saying you are like this or you are like that… inside, every woman can be a giraffe as well as a tiger. A wolf and a flamingo. We can be graceful and light, but we also have a strong heart that can take care of others. We are a world unto ourselves and, with this collection, I wanted to pay homage to this versatility and the way we are». In order to further establish the link between these new jewels and the exclusive “métiers d'art” used in making high-end watches, for the first time, Anna has used blue aventurine in jewelry. This elegant stone, which is so fascinating and mysterious, is typically used in the faces and domes of exclusive watches. It sparkles delicately with luminous inclusions that bring to mind the stars of a night sky. After all, she wants to put the focus on magic.

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