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Customer Journey: from the Request to the Purchase

  • Illustrations by James Clapham

    Illustrations by James Clapham

Reach, respond and retain. These are the essentials of an effective customer journey. Three chapters of the same story that can lead a company to success but also to its demise. The processes of choosing are always linked to the whims and the emotions that determine it. «We’ve entered the world of art in a physi- ological way,» explained Sergio Antonini Creative Director, «In this context, we decided, along with the Studio Legale Lca, to participate in Miart, opening up our space. This journey has allowed us to highlight the status of our brand and to get closer to a public with values similar to ours: the Miart/Antonini partnership has con rmed itself experiential for the public, a moment independent of sales but a prelude all the same.» The idea is to create a sense of belonging in the name of brand exclusivity, as underscored by Simona Zito, General Manager for Chopard Italia, «Chopard is particularly focused on the customer experience and o ers activities aimed at the improvement of client engagement, such as the Cannes Film Festival and Mille Miglia, for which we are the main sponsor and with which you can have an extraordinary experience up close and personal. We are talking about showcases that are important for communications and brand awareness but that also play a crucial commercial role.» A type of communication plan that is timely in transmitting the legacy of the brand, as Jérôme Favier, Ceo of the Damiani Group explains, «In each phase of the customer journey, our group showcases its values and identity. Today, the client experience is as important as answering their needs. We work on service, involvement and the relationship with the customer as well as managing data through a strong CRM strategy, with the goal of improving the experience in every channel.» Being able to transmit a brand’s values to customers is a priority for Paolo Re, the Managing Director of Recarlo: «For this, we created the Recarlo Academy, a training container aimed at the leaders and ambassadors of our brand – internal people, our salesforce and especially our best jewelry partners. People are increasingly demanding and having a true story to tell is like occupying space in their happy memories. Narration consists in sharing what makes a jewel and its story different, with quality, passion and excellence.» And the ability to make even the digital world more human and personalized translates into increasing customer loyalty, as concludes Laura Ottaviani, Ceo of her family company, «Ten months ago, we introduced our direct digital showcase, which is combined with our e-commerce project and the results have been excellent with very positive feedback on the project as well as all the services that make up the experience, from logistics to customer care. This last item has shown to be very strategic in involving the public, supporting it in its choices and creating repeat business as well as for when we introduce new products.»

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