Daniel White and the Philosophy of De Beers

Daniel White, Head of Licensee Markets for Forevermark, explains the philosophy of De Beers, which specializes in seeking out the best diamonds in the world. Today, with the World Diamond Group, the company has a faithful “partner” in Italy

  • Daniel White

    Daniel White

The name Forevermark comes from the famous De Beers campaign: “A diamond is forever.” Forever along with mark, meaning each stone is engraved with a number. Out of every 100 diamonds in the world, only one becomes a Forevermark. This exclusivity is a guarantee of a promise that the parent company has maintained, creating an identifying code for each gem, a sort of ID that makes it unique. There are three absolutely necessary characteristics: beauty, rarity, and responsibility. For us, the GIA grade is not enough. Beauty to us means going beyond the classic 4Cs, which have identified diamonds universally. Even an SI2, o or an L-colored diamond, with a “very good” cut can become a Forevermark. What counts is the overall balance that makes it special. Beautiful and rare. As for responsible sourcing, we have been working hard on many fronts to sustain the communities around mine sites and to protect the animal species and environment that have been “exploited” for mining. For every hectare of land used for extraction, we dedicate an area six times that size to environmental conservation. Today, in South Africa, there are 200,000 hectares that make up the socalled Diamond Route, a series of natural reserves created and managed by De Beers. I believe this governs all of our choices, especially with the licensees in the various countries, which must be the bearers of that philosophy in choosing the most suitable retailers to offer such an exclusive product. Today, Forevermark is in 34 countries and has a widespread network of 2,350 shops. Statistically, only 1% of retailers can be included in that network. In Italy, for us, the World Diamond Group is an ideal partner because it has made a name for itself over thirty years for its craftsmanship and refined design, in line with the culture of our parent company. This is also why we appreciate an event like Vicenzaoro, which is the most interesting show in terms of craftsmanship and creativity. In other words, the quality of the overall vision». 

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