Davide Dal Maso: Coaching and Social Media

Supporting companies, so that they are able to communicate autonomously and effectively on their members

Who Davide Dal Maso, Founder and Responsible for Social Strategies
Where Milan and Trissino (VI), Italy
Why Supporting companies so that they are able to communicate autonomously and effectively on their members
Web davidedalmaso.net

A team of ten specialists, including social media coaches and digital marketers, acting to support the jewelry sector so that companies can autonomously manage their social media communication. «The greatest need that I have noticed while working in close contact with companies operating in the gold and jewelry sector is to deviate from promoting the product only. Companies must demonstrate their expertise, the craftsmanship and that deep know-how that stems from an often family-run business. They need to create new on-line contacts with potential clients with the prospect of meeting physically at a trade show later on, promote their attendance at events and shows and open up to on-line sales by taking the right steps without getting burnt or thinking about easy earnings. In this scenario, our activities focus on social media coaching services, digital management and training in the use of LinkedIn. Social media coaching must, in my opinion, become a priority so that, through internal staff training, content that reflects "company life" can be created and all the peculiarities linked to that given reality can be communicated. The same thing goes for digital management which we organize by providing support to internal teams so that they become more aware of company operability in order to better understand business flows, dynamics and logics. Lastly, support in the use of LinkedIn, particularly for the sales staff, because, through this tool, they can find potential buyers or distributors, even beyond their national borders.»

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