de’ Nobili’s Retailer Project

After gaining considerable recognition in his native Naples, Claudio de' Nobili looks to the North to “export” his evergreen artisan items

A boutique in Via Filangieri, the high street par excellence, and another in the residential district of Vomero. Starting from these two single-brand stores in the heart of Naples, which tell the almost 80-year-old history of the company and his family, Claudio de' Nobili has designed a distribution strategy using the “compass technique”.

«When I began to imagine how and where to expand the brand, de' Nobili was already 65 years old. It was 2008, and starting from Naples, we identified a series of boutiques in line with our style and target, initially in Campania and then in the neighboring regions, and, more generally, in the Centre-South. Within a short time, we had created a network of about 25 retailers with whom we started a fruitful collaboration. Now it is time to look further afield and make ourselves known to the rest of Italy as well.» 

Claudio de' Nobili has clear ideas on how to proceed in order to reach his goal of about fifty retailers within the next three years, including the North, and he is also confident that the first “seed” has already taken root...

«We have had an active partnership with a boutique in the Porta Romana area of Milan for some twenty years now. It all began by chance but it is certainly no coincidence that our product has been on the Milanese market for twenty years. What I would like to achieve, however, is that strong identity that everyone in Naples and the surrounding area credits us with. Some of our collections have actually become a bit of a benchmark in the medium-high sector. The Civetta collection dates back to 1988, Medievale to the early '90s, Polvere di Stelle to 2008. There are still part of our and the result is always a success. A shelf life of fifteen years on the market is already an important achievement for a product that has a price range of between €350 and €800, and even more so if it’s been going for 40 years, as in the case of Civetta. If high-end fashion is moving at an ever-increasing pace, imagine what bijoux and fine jewelry, which require constant changes in style, are doing. Our pieces boast two evergreen qualities in particular: the design often starts from a “historical” background but is updated all the time to better adapt to evolving trends and ensure greater wearability, thus acquiring new freshness and the added value of a timeless object. Moreover, the jewelry is made by artisans, handcrafted from the first sketch to the finished product. We even make our own butterflies for the earrings and the buyer sees this as a gratifying extra. We also offer the same collections in luxury versions, in gold and diamonds, obviously always with a silver part. The mixture of gold and silver, as well as semi-precious stones and diamonds, is another of our “trademarks” for a ready-to-wear item that has all the characteristics of high-level workmanship.»

Jewelry that is, therefore, always in fashion yet does not follow fashion, so much so that it becomes a collectors' item for the type of clientele that knows how to recognize what truly makes an object precious. Regardless of the raw materials.

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