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Digital Talks: The Scenarios are Changing. and the Goldsmiths?

Sunday 13th and Monday 14th, the VO Square focuses on digital transformation, inevitable for the sector’s survival and development factor

«Helping companies to compete, even with contained resources, urges entrepreneurs to search those values in individual experiences that, while generating different growth prospects, can herald innovation and opportunities, not for single operators but for the whole community. To do this, specific reference market analyses, obtained through data and research, are obviously indispensable. The goal is to be an inclusive and sustainable development flywheel for our operators, with the aim of not leaving anyone behind, acting in this change process through what is defined as human “proximity”.» This comment from Steven Tranquilli, Director of Federpreziosi Confcommercio, sums up the new “sentiment” linked to the digital transformation process, one of the macro themes dealt with at VOICE in the cycle of Digital Talks. The spotlights are therefore on digital evolution which goes well beyond technology and technique, touching on aspects such as: the work method and approach to the market, new skills, vision and a renewed managerial and cultural approach. “Social media as trust amplifiers” is the topic discussed by Davide Dal Maso, for whom trust is the only effective characteristic for standing out from those who produce at the lowest price. Then Gianluca Pellegrinelli, a consultant for eBay Italia, is poised to speak on “E-commerce strategies 2020” to discover how e-commerce and marketplace can be a new sales modality for the physical store. Lastly, a talk on the value of image with “Photography: a means of emotion or purely representation?” to understand all the necessary tricks for enhancing a jewel through the good use of the lens.

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