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DOSISG6C’s Jewelry Between Tradition and Future

With a name inspired by an alchemical symbol, emerging brand DOSISG6C breaks the rules of classical aesthetics while maintaining tradition to pursue a pure and sustainable vision

Creativity, tradition and culture merge in Chinese designer Beichen (Esther) Guan's artistic journey, telling much about the aesthetics that are as original as they are timeless and “alien” in her creations. After graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, she returned to China to study filigree inlay work - a traditional technique dating back more than 2,000 years. This highly complex and delicate art form involves weaving, soldering and inlaying jade and other elements, formerly used to make imperial ornaments.


Later, in Tokyo in 2019, she learned the almost lost royal Japanese art of engraving and granulation. In 2020, with the support of her family's jewelry workshop, she founded the jewelry brand DOSISG6C in London. «DOSISG6C is more than just a jewelry brand; it is a family legacy of ancient techniques and philosophies. Our pieces represent the continuation of art, the embodiment of philosophy and exploration of beauty. We pursue the highest quality by integrating sustainability and environmental awareness into every aspect. We believe that every gemstone and every item of jewelry has unique value. We strictly adhere to international jewelry industry standards and ethical requirements. All our materials are sourced from legally authorized channels and reliable suppliers.


We take great care to trace the origin of each gemstone, ensuring its authenticity and quality. We believe that using natural materials in our products not only provides greater quality and value for our customers, but also contributes to environmental preservation and ecological balance. We recognize that only through sustainable production methods and natural materials can we ensure the continuity of heritage and the development of art in jewelry in the future.» This awareness can be clearly seen in precious creations that immediately catch the eye and then easily remain etched in memory. While their unique identity is able to evoke ancient reminiscences and values, they also catapult us into a Martian dimension, where everything is surprisingly enlightening and stimulating, both for our eyes and our minds.

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