Dries Criel, the New "Bared" Voice in the Jewelry World

Flexibility, courage and a touch of rock and roll: these are the perfect words to define the new Bare jewelry brand

 We met Dries Criel at the latest Vicenzaoro last January, creative mind behind his new brand Bare Jewels.

Bare is a new brand. How would you introduce it?  It’s a brand based in Antwerp, which is known all over the world as the capital of diamonds. I founded Bare two years ago, with the idea of making a unisex jewelry line that would be easy to wear and have a classic style with a modern twist. And everything with a touch of rock and roll.

Being unisex is an interesting feature of your line. How did the male public respond? I got good feedback especially from open-minded men. Some were reluctant in the beginning. But they had to see the pieces and wear them to better understand how they would look on the wrists and fingers. But I have many clients. The average age of the men that wear my line is 35 years old. They live in big cities and are particularly aware of fashion trends. 

Why did you choose to call your brand Bare? Bare means "nude" but it also means "pure." It easily captures attention and especially defines my style. My pieces feature a bold design, made of architectural lines and triangular forms, but at the same time, they are easy to wear. They’re different but they are elegant and timeless.

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