EÉRA is Born

Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga are the two young designers beyond the new jewelry brand EÉRA. We met them during the latest Milan Fashion Week at the launch party of the first collection

How did the idea of a two-handed brand come about?
We had been working together for the past 5 years, we met at work and a strong harmony was born both professionally and personally, but above all with strong mutual respect. Over time we have discovered that we have the same passion for jewelry, so we decide to found a fine jewelry brand together.

How did you approach the world of jewelry?

It has always been our strong passion and was also the only field unexplored by us.The thing that tied us in the work we did was the production process as well as having always operated on very large collections that included shoes, accessories, bags, clothing ... So, we wanted to try a new experience.

Who does what? In the sense ... how are the roles divided?
We have always had two very different roles - Romy is a manager and Chiara the creative part - but as we said before, one can do it only together. For EÉRA we both try to do everything, there are no established roles.

Where do your inspirations come from? 
From traveling around the world. Los Angeles and Tokyo are the two cities where we like to go the most to do research.

The “snap hook” as leit motiv of your first collection. Your next evolution?
We wanted the collection to fully reflect our two different personalities, the snap hook (from sport world) revisited in the world of luxury. The whole collection is inspired by a form of snap hook that we found in one of our trips to Tokyo, it was different and we bought it without knowing yet what it could have been used for. The evolution will be fun, we are already working on it, the snap hook will always be present also in other forms.


What kind of communication and marketing strategy do you want to implement?
We do not work on strategies, we have always worked for passion and we do it in the most natural world possible.

EÉRA: a dream already realized or is it just beginning?
We still have to do many things, this is "just" a great start.

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