Fabio Salini at Masterpiece London

For the first time, the Roman jewelry designer is taking part in the prestigious decorative art fair to foretell the future of jewelry

Highlights on Picasso and Manet, a performance by Marina Abramovich entitled Five Stages of Maya Dance, furnishings, sculpture and design: the latest appointment with Masterpiece London, the prestigious fair hosted from 28th June to 4th July at London’s splendid Royal Hospital Chelsea, promises to be a huge celebration of art in all its forms. In among the one hundred and sixty exhibitors, jewelry will certainly be putting in an appearance, well represented by a selection on contemporary brands and antique jewelry galleries.

One that particularly stands out is Roman designer, Fabio Salini, well known for his ‘artistic’ vision, who will be attending the London fair for the first time this year with a new revolutionary collection. We contacted him to find out more about these new, carbon fiber jewelry items and to ask him how he feels about participating at such an important international event. «I’m really excited. I worked on these creations and on this material for three years without ever telling anyone. The work is now finished and has considerable expressive power. I can’t wait to unveil it at Masterpiece. As an artist, exchange with those who observe, criticize or appreciate my works is highly important». And Masterpiece is surely the perfect place in which to «test out the feelings of an evolved public with sophisticated taste, one that is not only able to appreciate the economic content of jewelry, but also to evaluate it purely from the artistic aspect». As for the new collection, Fabio went on to reveal: «The use of carbon fiber in my latest creations expresses the radical revolution that I intend to adopt in my jewelry. I would like to introduce a new language, one that is not just made up of well-defined aesthetic codes, but also includes innovative concepts and I have found its expressive essence in carbon fiber. In fact, carbon, the key player in these creations, represents innovation and technology and gives jewelry an unquestionable message of evolution and projection into the future». An ambitious project, then, which, through references to past styles and the unexpected use of a technological material, impeccably manages to unite evolution and tradition, highlighting how jewelry can be an authentic form of art.

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