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Jamie Freed, Global Vice President, Farfetch Private Client explain us how create the right connection between consumers and producers

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  • Jamie Freed, Global Vice President, Farfetch Private Client

    Jamie Freed, Global Vice President, Farfetch Private Client

The international character of VICENZAORO is ever more perceptible not just only because of the exhibition offerings but also because of the respected panel of international experts that animates this Show. Jamie Freed, Global Vice President, Farfetch Private Client – a guest at VISIO.NEXT: TRENDS last Saturday – explains how the Farfetch platform creates the right connection between consumers and producers, focusing especially on bespoke services. «With Farfetch, we reach different types of consumers. Our goal is to connect producers and consumers because it is important that the customer knows what type of boutique it is buying from. We want them both to have the same experience; for us, the best thing is for them to interact with the boutique closest to them, through our platform. Our jewelry brands include big names as well as those from international niche brands, a formula that in some aspects is similar to the ‘physical’ one we have here at VICENZAORO, going around the halls discovering many excellent Italian and international companies. We have a global clientele, primarily in Shanghai, Hong Kong, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Sao Paolo, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai and throughout the Middle East. Our private clients tend to be nomadic, shopping whilst traveling as well as online. They value their time and look to us for convenience, service and incredible access to product. We work with jewelry in a few ways. We offer a wide assortment from both well-established and emerging brands directly on Farfetch from our brand and boutique partners. We also work directly with designers to produce bespoke pieces for our most discerning clients. Our VIP clients are well versed in these categories and most often look to us to introduce them to emerging designers, for something new that they’ve never seen before. Many are quite keen to find something straight from market, and we can offer these important customers first access to special pieces before being offered to a wider audience. Farfetch Private Client offers unrivalled access to the widest range of luxury fashion and jewelry. Each of our clients has their own dedicated personal stylist, who provides them with early access to the most coveted items, and the most personalised edits from our vast assortment. We also provide our clients with our Fashion Concierge service, where we will source hard to find pieces, including jewelry and watches, from our global network of brands and boutiques. Through these high-touch services we become the one destination a client needs to find anything they want in luxury fashion. In general, our customers ask for colour! Gemstones in rich hues are best sellers, as are earrings and necklaces. More and more customers are going for statement pieces rather than demure. Again, colour resonates incredibly well with an online consumer. We also work to build an incredibly strong range of pieces in every category across multiple price points. We know that every customer who shops luxury fashion is a fine jewelry customer, so we want to make it easy for them to find something they'll love every time they visit the site. By providing a compelling assortment in entry, advanced and high jewelry price points, we know that everyone from the new customer to the collector will find something for them. Creating the highly personalised journey across every touch point in incredibly valuable. The more we get to know our clients, the better we can surface items they'll fall in love with. Beyond our ability to learn about our customers preferences through data, our stylist teams learn the details behind data points to create bespoke edits via email or text in order to pull out the must-see pieces we know you can't miss.»

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