Francesca Villa: The Wrestlers

Five unique rings made in Italy at Francesca Villa's atelier. Five “heroes” born from the designer's passion for wrestling and that provocative way of making “art”

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There are those who love wrestling for the fight itself and for the showmanship that is unusual in a sporting discipline. Others, however, appreciate its values linked to courage, weakness and fear and observe its fabulous, yet dramatic, details. Francesca Villa, an independent Italian designer, much loved across the border for her way of making jewelry that goes against the grain, has chosen wrestlers and their masks as the source of inspiration for five rings that take their shape, spirit, lines and balance from what they represent. «The masks worn by wrestlers are fabulous and dramatic at the same time,» says the designer. They are full of detail, veritable pieces of art. With these five rings - The Hurricane, The Mankind, The Superstar, The Tiger, The Destroyer - I want to communicate this vision of mine by going beyond the more usual and ordinary idea that mainly captures the muscular aspect.»

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