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Fratelli Dinacci: from the Heart of Naples to the International Stage of Serie A sport

Flavio Dinacci speaks about the family brand’s debut as a sponsor for the UYBA Volley team in Busto Arsizio

“Our company is now in its third generation and every single step we have taken up to now has made us proud. But this year will be special for us because we are making our debut in Serie A1”. Speaking with and about Flavio Dinacci, Neapolitan born and bred and head of Dinacci together with sister Tiziana and brother Alessandro, one might assume he means the Naples Football Club, but …. instead, the pitch he is referring to is for volley ball and the team in question is UYBA Volley, in other words, the female team in Busto Arsizio, in the province of Varese. For those unfamiliar with this sport, the UYBA is one of the teams that, in recent years, has churned out some of the greatest talents, not only on a national level, and includes top players like the recent Olympic champion Jordyn Poulter, Lucia Bosetti, one of the highest ranked Italian players, and Jovana Stevanovic, the newly elected captain. Girls whose white-red team jackets flaunt some leading brands, such as Unet and E-Work, and, as of this year, the brand that Flavio & Co. uphold so proudly. 

“We can’t wait to attend the first match of the championship scheduled for 10th October. For us, seeing our little brand alongside such big companies is of enormous value. Our family has always loved sport and we already sponsored the Arzano Volley team in Naples years ago when it went from Serie B 2 to B1. But now it’s time to aim higher and so, here we are, supporting an international team. Sport, and I would say women’s teams in particular, fully represent our philosophy: since the days of my grandfather, we have specialized in jewelry mountings – exclusively on sale for wholesalers and retailers – and what is more dynamic than a person who does sport? That’s why we can say that we are certain of providing the right support for jewelry items that often undergo considerable stress and our customers appreciate us for this reason. Reliability, tradition and quality have always been our “trademarks”, in addition to respect for the companies with which we have been collaborating for years. Let me explain better: we have been asked many times to create finished lines but, due to a question of respect for the companies that have believed in us for so long, we decided to “limit” our production to mountings and not to invade their space. In short, we prefer to be extraordinary, loyal and secure partners rather than embark on other roads that don’t represent us and for which we have become a reference point.”

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