FuturoRemoto’s Dream Room

For Gianni De Benedittis’ new A/W 21-22 collection, Stefania Rocca directs a short film starring Turkish actress Serra Yilmaz with the participation of Donna Jewel

Fifteen gold and silver items designed in 3D and hand-crafted using the micro-casting technique. A collection that establishes a dialogue between contemporary art and ancient wisdom, calling upon universal order to translate the imponderable into symbols: prayer, triumph, honor. With The Dreamers’ Room fashion movie, FuturoRemoto enables magic and enchantment through this short film directed by Stefania Rocca, starring actress Serra Yilmaz and with the participation of young jewelry blogger Laura Inghirami from Donna Jewel: «Gianni De Benedettis’ work,» says Laura Inghirami, «represents the encounter between different worlds and attracts younger generations to the sector. It is something totally different for us compared to before because his jewelry interprets triumph, hope, resilience and courage and erases the concept of time to capture the power of symbols that have bound mankind throughout the ages. Taking part in this short film was a highly enriching experience for me thanks to all the top people involved, from Stefania Rocca and her extraordinary ability to capture the soul of these jewels, to Gianni for trusting in me and for being one of the greatest interpreters of Italianness, and Serra Yilmaz for having transmitted the strength of these items merely with the intensity of her gaze. It was a meeting between generations and sensitivities belonging to different worlds that completely erased the concept of time. An incredibly powerful and real moment where excellence triumphed, which is the ultimate goal of all my projects.»

And, behind the camera, a visionary Stefania Rocca, who has managed to catch and seize the power of these precious symbols through her first fashion film as the director. «Inspiration for The Dreamers’ Room came quite naturally from admiring Gianni De Benedittis’ highly evocative jewelry, brimming with positive magic,» says Stefania Rocca. «But it all began earlier when I met Serra Yilmaz with Gianni, a great actress able to generate intense emotions merely through her eyes. The idea then arose of a journey through dream rooms, in search of symbols that live in our subconscious and define us. However, it is FuturoRemoto’s iconic jewelry that keeps track of this emotional journey, guiding us along the corridors of memory. A non-nostalgic and timeless memory experienced like a dream that enters into the architypes of western culture through Serra’s eyes.  I left in search of a run-down setting, one marked by time to contrast with dreams and the jewelry and characterized by a strong sense of timelessness. I then chose an intensely colored photograph to give the characters an archetypal reality while simultaneously highlighting a detachment from the background and the passing of time. Similarly, I also wanted the dresses to have bright colors and essential lines to make the characters iconic and real, even in their daily gestures. For me, cinema is still the quintessential art that expresses emotions and dreams and is able to erase the boundary between real and unreal. It cancels time by deleting the timeline and eternally captures a moment in a frame. Just like FuturoRemoto jewelry» Stefania Rocca concludes.

Every item in this new jewelry collection is inspired by dreams: the pentagram pendant, an ancient symbol of strength and beauty with its bold spherical structure; the two front-facing lions guarding the planet, the Wheel of Fortune bearing all the signs of the zodiac and the phoenix, an anthropomorphic design that overpowers chance and transformation. In the incessant dialog between the Sun and Moon, upheld by the two clinging dragons and an unusual and elegant Chimera, the designer recaptures in both the primordial and current ideal in which to entrust eternity.

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