GemFind Solution: From Consultation to Design

A one stop shop for the jewelry industry founded by Alex Fatenat in Newport. Here's the interview

Who Alex Fetanat, Founder and Ceo
Where Newport Beach, California, Usa 
Why A one stop shop from consultation to design for the jewelry industry

«GemFind has been developing technologies and providing digital marketing exclusively for the jewelry industry for the last two decades. We have positioned the company to be a one stop shop from consultation, to design. Development, product data normalization and point of sale integration to complete suite of digital marketing initiatives. We are a Shopify and Google partner with many ties with associations and organizations within the jewelry industry. Our target market is different segments of the jewelry industry with manufacturers, designers, and diamond suppliers but more focused on the retail stores, and global clients with a majority in the US. After I exited my first software development company, I started travelling the world and ended up in Colombia and that’s when my journey in the jewelry industry began. I wanted to get out of the tech space and do something different and ended up being an emerald purveyor. I felt there is a need for an online technology company in the jewelry industry and used my education, experience and my relationships to start GemFind after being in the industry for 3 years. What I have found out in the past 20 years, is that the jewelry industry has a fear of change and fear of technology and are more reactive than being proactive. The consumer behavior has changed, and we also need to make this shift and adapt as well. We need to embrace technology and take advantage of many tools that are available. The ones that do, take market share and the ones that are not willing to change, will no longer be relevant.»

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