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Gianuzzi PR and Communication, the Agency’s Evolution

The agency's logo and website have been upgraded to highlight the change of pace of a now well known company in the watch and jewelry sector. Founder Barbara Gianuzzi explains "If we want everything to stay as it is, everything must change.”

Gianuzzi PR and Communication, the Agency’s Evolution
The interview with Barbara Gianuzzi began with a literary quotation that refers to the all too familiar concept expressed by Tancredi, nephew of Prince Fabrizio Salina, in the famous novel “The Leopard”. A “link” that immediately introduces today's theme, the evolution of her agency's logo, which has changed from Barbara Gianuzzi Comunicazione to Gianuzzi PR and Communication..

«When I embarked on my career as a consultant in 2010, I needed to identify my business with a logo, even though the idea of creating a real agency had not yet sprung to mind. That's why the logo initially looked like my signature. I was on my own and so it only had to represent me. However, things have changed a lot In these last 14 years: we are now a company, a team of professionals with a portfolio of important clients. Being very involved in the day-to-day business, in all this time, I never really took a moment to reflect on how much we had grown until last year when I looked at our company with a more “detached” eye and realized just how far we had come. That was when I felt the need to rethink our image so that it would be more in keeping with what we are today. I therefore hired an art director who upgraded the logo and created an extremely symbolic and identifying brand that then became the main feature of the new website, which is now more streamlined and navigable, fresher I would say, featuring a decidedly unusual shade of yellow for the world of luxury. The aim was to stand out in a world where blue and black prevail and convey our energy, originality and dynamism. Positive and active! It was necessary to emphasize this strong identity, a characteristic trait by which we are now recognized in the industry. Going back to the Leopard concept, we have changed our logo and our colors but we are still ourselves. It was simply a natural evolution that is exactly what we are: an agency, which is no longer identifiable only through Barbara and her “signature”. We could speak more of a change of pace.»

Change of pace, evolution, but constantly loyal to themselves. But what were the fundamental steps that led to this growth?

«The first step was right at the beginning of 2010 when I moved from the living room of my house, which had become a work space, to the first small office, a necessary step when the business started to take a certain shape. In the start-up phase, I immediately began working with important clients, and we soon needed to look for a new location. This is how we arrived in Via Sassoferrato, a more prestigious and spacious venue suitable for the team, clients and our press contacts. An exclusive and elegant location in downtown Milan, the perfect place for hosting press days and small events. Last but not least came the increased awareness of having become a (small) company, a brand at the service of brands. The next step? Maintaining the quality of service for which we are known and sought after. Evolving while keeping up with the times of communication. Moreover, alongside our specialization in the watch and jewelry sector, I would like to expand into the wine & spirits industry where we have already been operating successfully for three years and for which we have found a great affinity with the luxury and fashion sector. We are a good team of close-knit, trained and involved people, each valued for their own expertise, with myself, Francesca Fabris, Fabiana Fiorini and Melania Spagnolo being the soul of the agency. In the future, we could also think about evolving abroad... a little premature at the moment, but who knows...»

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