Hill & Co.: Moving Businesses from Zero to Market

Elle Hill has a worldwide expertise, from rebooting a legacy brand to launching a new one, from factory floors to stores, digital marketing and online sales

Who Elle Hill, Founder and Ceo
Where London
Why A worldwide expertise, from rebooting a legacy brand, to launching  a new one, from factory floors to stores to digital marketing and online sales
Web hillandco.co

«Nine years ago, I launched my first startup: an online-only jewelry retailer. We went live on-line in 2011, unknown, but within two years we were selling US$12K rings and beat Leibish and Chow Tai Fook for Innovator of the Year and E-tailer of the Year JNA Awards in 2012 and 2013. I spearheaded our $10M IPO (in under 4.5 years!) while my husband and I moved with our four children from Hong Kong where we lived for a decade, to England. When it was all over, I had planned to take a break. But, after announcing my exit, the telephone started to ring. And it hasn’t stopped. When your followup to over 20 years of turning around $500M+ businesses and launching into new markets is founding one of the first online-only jewellery retailers and bringing it public, people start to think you have magic dust. What we’ve really got at Hill & Co. is a team of industry veterans, highly adept at adapting to change and harnessing technology and empathy to drive revenue. 25 years ago, I was selling to the major US retailers for manufacturers in NYC. From there I moved to China, learned mandarin, and on to Hong Kong to turn around a site holder’s jewellery business. And then I leaned into technology. This 360° understanding, from factory floors to stores to digital marketing and online sales: it makes us a unparalleled team in our industry. We attribute our success to this diverse expertise. Hill & Co. Launch & Growth Experts has worked exclusively with the diamond, gemstone and jewelry businesses since 2012. From rebooting a legacy brand, to launching a new one, or identifying exactly where focus is required to see rapid results; our track record and reputation grew as did the size of our now often multi-million dollar clients.»

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