Holo Me: Being an Hologram

Augmented and virtual reality: these are the two new technological ways to experiment, communicate and sell

Who Janosch Amstutz, Ceo
Where London
Why HoloMe creates holograms of people in augmented and virtual reality with neverbefore experienced life-like projections. It is a modern way of communicating, a revolution, rather than an evolution, in this technological space, opening up a whole new era of possibilities

HoloMe has been crowned London’s most innovative tech firm after topping the London Tech 50 innovation ranking for 2020. This augmented reality technology platform designed to delight consumers is poised to capture the fashion and luxury industry by their smartphones. It has already made some serious moves with top brands like Warner Music and H&M to make their AR idea a reality. Their innovative and hologramed invitation for the Forevermark India Forum 2020, powered by HoloMe, was engaging like no virtual invite before. Founder and Ceo Janosch Amstutz believes his firm may be the first to break down the natural psychological barrier humans experience in virtual communication. His big vision is to change the way that we as humanity communicate with one another. As per him, AR allows us to lift our eyes up from our devices and refocus on the world around us by only displaying useful information onto our surroundings. The company also collaborated with the London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency on a project during the start of London Fashion Week 2019 to create the world’s first real-time AR fashion show. AR is also soon becoming prominent in other sectors like sports and media broadcasting, education and industrial training. HoloMe has released two distinct products to market: HoloMe Pre-Recorded is an automated platform allowing corporates and creatives to seamlessly create assets of humans for AR, and HoloMe Real-Time is an AR communications tool that allows high-definition human telepresence streamed in realtime over mobile Internet. With technologies such as HoloMe, AR is fast becoming the new medium for information transfer and is set to replace mobile operating systems as the next computing platform.

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