How can the Promise of Sustainability be translated?

Paolo Re, Ceo at Recarlo in Valenza, takes us on a journey through his company that revolves around a family value system and is founded on ethical commitment that communicates with future generations

«Behind the launching of "Our Promise to You", is a set of values that have always belonged to our family and that we constantly share with our collaborators inside the company. A project that is supported by three pillars – people, planet, product – and whose mainstay is sustainability. For Recarlo, all the initiatives born from family values not only require financial investment but are, above all, inbred projects that are part of you from birth. "Our Promise to You" is the final result of a series of actions undertaken over the years, the latest being adhering to the Kimberley Process ten years ago, to the World Diamond Council’s International Guarantee System and becoming Responsible Jewellery Council certified, all of which have allowed us to be ready to launch this so highly strategic project. We therefore chose a claim that places CSR, Customer Social Responsibility, at the center, a starting point for our company strategies, and we have created a new corporate culture that represents our brand’s evolution. In fact, the Y and Z generations have a different value asset to ours, towards the environment and the product. They are demanding, they want more information, they are asking for raw material transparency and traceability and we, as a brand, are already working towards meeting their needs. For example, we are constantly receiving questions about fair-mined and recycled gold and, every year, we publish a report on sustainability, complete with an ethical code that we also apply in the company. As soon as projects take shape, our commitment is to inform our staff, at all levels. We work to share values because, for us, there is no business without ethics. In this respect, already several years ago, we founded an Academy which, besides acting on professional aspects and operating on trade, multi-brand and wholesale channels, also plays an educational and cultural role by furthering the growth of both internal and external resources.»

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