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How do these Two Business Concepts come Together in the Jewelry World?

Omar Antonio Cescut, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at Lem Industries Spa, the parent company of BTT Italia, introduces us to the world of precious metal recovery

«In recent years, circular economy has become an ever-increasing discussion topic and this concept seems to have found its perfect practical interpretation in the precious metal sector. If there is one particular need that is now pressing and transversal, it is raw material recovery for reasons that range from purely economic convenience to the ethicality generated from putting waste from production processes and so-called “open mines” back onto the market. You only need a couple of examples to understand how seeing mining as an upside-down pyramid – which would, therefore, no longer “fish” underground but rather take from whatever is above ground – could be an alternative source of income: up to 1 kg of gold, as well as other precious metals, can be retrieved from one ton of old cell phones, while a company that spends an average 5 million Euros a year on precious metals can recover its own waste materials to a value of 1.5 million Euros. So, a “domestic” business, which can be carried out in-house with an investment of about 500,000 Euros, will pay for itself in six months. 

Needless to say, the greater the annual cost of raw materials, the more quickly the investment will pay for itself, largely due to system customization. In over 40 years, BTT Italia has designed and created over a thousand, all tailor-made, with the aim of achieving the most performing result possible and suitable to the needs of the clients, which range from private companies to Governments and State mints worldwide.     

We work in four main sectors: one strictly regards mining with the construction of refining systems, the second is catalyzers, then WEEE recovery, i.e. electronic waste, and, finally, of course, the jewelry sector which is increasing focused on ethicality. Our personalization service starts by analyzing the amount to recover and its nature, in other words, if the waste is industrial, galvanic or jewelry scraps, always in line with the directive and regulations on sustainability because one of our priorities is definitely to put eco-friendly systems and processes into the field that are compatible during operability (with, for example, clean fume emission), during construction and in the result. We put the same one-to-one approach in practice at Lem Lab and Spaxio22, key divisions of Lem Industries: here, we formulate solutions and finishings for our systems for the brand sector, designed to protect and enhance accessories and keep production waste extremely low, avoiding any component deterioration.»

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