How to Create a "Hero" with Crieri

More than 20 current collections, 250 stores in Italy, with sales of about 10 million euros for 2018. Crieri has bold business sense to go with its diamonds, all focused on the tennis bracelet

They call it the “hero product” and many companies rely on it for their success. It doesn’t have any particular powers, but its strength comes from unique qualities that make it a leader. Like with the tennis bracelet from Crieri, which is responsible for 70% of the company’s overall sales. This wholly Italian success story is, for marketing manager Michela Saracino «the result of choices made by owner Alessandro Saracino that went against the tide. He created a brand around a product that nobody would have ever focused on because it is not easily recognizable. How did we give it an identity? Thanks to incredibly high quality and specialization.» With the recent inauguration of the rst showroom in the heart of Milan, in Via Montenapoleone, Crieri is making a decisive move in showing its desire to make for a more international image, thanks to a city like Milan and its ties to fashion. «Crieri was created 15 years ago as a manufacturer for third parties. In that historic period, it was common to do a bit of everything. Alessandro (Saracino) decided to specialize by investing in research and development, with an industrial patent for making tennis bracelets, making all of our products exclusive. We have more than ten types of tennis bracelets. Lines that include di erent carat sizes and di erent structures for the setting to make the most of the bracelet: in rows, straight, with square or unique prongs, like in our bestselling Icon line. Then there is Victoria, which is more metallic, making the diamonds have ve times the yield. Musa has a round six-point setting and Arya has a atter setting. That’s not to mention the versions in sapphires, rubies and emeralds. The Crieri patent is an industrial patent that is speci c to how tennis bracelets are manufactured in order to optimize and speed up the process. The bracelet is especially durable thanks to links that hold up over time, breaking much less as compared to other types». Who knows if this jewelry must-have would always have been called “tennis” if Chris Evert had worn a Crieri at the 1987 Open...

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