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HyperionLab: High-End Jewelry For Successful Companies

From study to design, production and quality control: for HyperionLab, making one-of-a-kind jewelry is a craft in which passion and precise science come together

The art of creating a piece of fine jewelry is deeply rooted in tradition; a tradition carried forward by companies like HyperionLab that push the boundaries of innovation by experimenting with new techniques, materials and concepts, to create original and cutting-edge pieces. A trusted partner of major international jewelers and manufacturers in the luxury world, HyperionLab - now part of the Gismondi Group - offers an integral commissioned service that starts with the design and ends with a finished product of exceptional workmanship. It all begins with a scrupulous analysis of market trends and consumer preferences, which lead to the drafting of an initial, carefully created design that interprets the wishes of each customer and reflects their unique identity. The next step is the development phase, executed through a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies: CAD software, ancient manual skills, perspective vision and attention to current tastes come together to transform the design into a high-quality piece of jewelry. Quality is, in fact, at the heart of everything. Every step of the process, from selecting the materials to the final finish, is subject to rigorous checks to ensure that each piece of jewelry meets the highest standards. Only after successfully passing these checks will the jewelry be delivered to the customer. The vision of Fabio Magrin, CEO and founder, also follows important rules of sustainability by choosing materials that are as in tune as possible with the environment (HyperionLab has RJC certification which guarantees the traceability and responsible sourcing of the precious metals used in the processing) and creating a working environment that respects human rights, where each employee is valued for his or her intrinsic professional and personal characteristics. «Successful companies that choose to work with HyperionLab are not just ordering a product; they are creating tangible value that represents their passion, commitment and dedication to excellence. And with our master jewelers guiding the process, the result is always a work of art.»

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