HyperionLab: The 2024 Towards New Conquests

Synergy and continuous evolution for HyperionLab, which starts 2024 by setting itself increasingly ambitious goals involving creativity and new expansion strategies, always in the name of sustainable and responsible ethics

  • Fabio Magrin

    Fabio Magrin

Expansion into new international markets, building an even stronger identity and constant innovation in the art of jewelry production. At HyperionLab, part of the Gismondi Group since the end of 2023, the objectives for the new year are increasingly ambitious, proving its willingness to continue along a constant evolutionary path. «We can now say that we are a reference for brands and jewelers that focus on exclusivity and quality for their success, but our devotion to perfection urges us to constantly exceed the standards of excellence in order to create unique and unrivalled works of goldsmith art. Our commitment is to maintain a leading position in the high-end industry while continuing to surprise the market with our creations,» says Fabio Magrin, CEO and founder of HyperionLab, which, since 2018, has been offering an exclusive service of high-end jewelry production for third parties. A service in which craftsmanship, design and innovation are equally important. «What sets us apart is our ability to balance tradition and innovation in the design process. Every step, from selecting fine materials to creating the designs, hand-crafting and gem-setting, is carried out with the utmost precision and care.» The artisan approach guarantees the jewelry’s impeccable quality, but the end result is also due to the specialized software used to create detailed digital models. The use of 3D printing technology, for example, enables creating physical prototypes to meet increasingly customized requirements. The high-precision laser, with which jewelry is engraved or cut, offers the possibility of producing the most complex designs. Lastly, the integration of AI optimizes the production process. The synergy that exists between tradition and innovation is also found in collaboration with their customers. «We have developed significant partnerships with world-renowned companies and designers. This creative union has led to some of the most iconic and innovative collections in the world of jewelry.»

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