Iconic Pieces by Dreamboule

Beniamino Crocco, Founder, President and Chief Creative Director of Dreamboule tells the story of his innovative concept, inspired by the fusion of arts: watchmaking heritage, high jewelry and alchemy of liquids

What is the Vicenzaoro experience like? We are excited to meet the Vicenzaoro public for the second year. Dreamboule made its debut on the international jewelry scene in 2018 after four years of research and development, needed to fine-tune a very sophisticated, original and revolutionary concept. We have many creations to show, which will surprise even the most expert connoisseurs. 

What is the main target and market you would like to meet at The Design Room? The market of choice Dreamboule speaks to is niche fine jewelry. The profile of the Dreamboule dreamer reflects a cultured person, someone who is curious, a traveler; one who looks for beauty in originality, creative freedom and unconventionality of tastes and thoughts; someone who loves the details, is passionate about Italian design, innovation and an admirer of artisanal excellence, such as that of Swiss watchmaking, from which Dreamboule draws much inspiration. Because of all this, we aim for international distribution that recognizes the complexity and interprets the selectivity inherent in the Dreamboule soul.

Can you tell us something about the new collections you’ll be presenting? We’ve branched out with the extraordinary and extravagant design of the Superb Line 36 mm and the chic and timeless shapes of the Classic Line 28 mm with a very appealing necklace and the iconic dreams of the Whale and Boat and Moon and Stars. Then, for the Fan, Chic & Shine ring, in the Classic Line 28 mm and 20 mm as well as in the Superb Line 36 mm, we have brought the fusion between Italian jewelry excellence and fine watch expertise to the next level, transforming the balance wheel of an automatic mechanism into a feminine dream with a precious range that takes on life through the movement of the wearer. In addition, we were able to design a miniature version of the Dreamboule concept, with our brand-new Bubble Line 16, which highlights delicate and graceful dreams, enclosed in a light and iconic design. 

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