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In conversation with Debora Lucki and Camilla Guimarães

Debora Lucki and Camilla Guimarães are the founders of Julls, a special Brazilians platform for independent designers. Here they tell us their vision of the contemporary market and explain the challenge facing jewelry buyers today

«Looking the world over for beautiful, trendy jewels that can meet the needs of customers, and surprising them with creations that can’t be found elsewhere online or offline. This is the greatest challenge facing jewelry buyers today. The lack of platforms to create greater engagement between brands and experts in the industry inspired us to create something different. We invite a select number of buyers from the American market and the main objective is to create an elegant, intimate, and modern atmosphere that encourages our guests to make deals with independent Brazilian designers. The success of social networks like Instagram has completely changed the work of buyers, allowing them to find brands they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Therefore, our selection needs to be very exclusive. We try to offer a unique experience that personally engages the buyer, putting him in contact with the world of the brand. Despite sociocultural changes due to the digital era, a jewelry piece is still an important accessory that will always attract buyers. A jewelry piece is forever and still continues to be passed down from generation to generation. This tradition never goes out of style. However, a buyer needs to be up on the latest trends. Fashion influences how we live and, therefore, our choices in jewelry. A buyer has to remain faithful to his tastes while still following the fashion runways, in addition to attending the best industry trade shows. One event that is a must-attend is Couture Las Vegas. We think this is the best show of the year for fine jewelry focused on independent designers. Obviously, we also suggest the Julls Road Show, which are showcases for our platform in New York, where we present our selection of cool, trendy jewels from Brazilian fine-jewelry brands.»

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