In Conversation with DFLY

The new Parisian brand tells the inspiration of collection dedicated to Space Oddity by David Bowie

DFLY is the acronym chosen to identify a new Parisian brand. It is inspired by the D of the diamond and by the dragonfly symbol of elegance and biodiversity. Excellent quality and ethical commitment are in fact the basis of the contemporary style proposed by Christelle Michel and Cyril du Cluzeau, founders of the brand. The creative duo collaborated with the famous designer Philippe Airaud to create the “Desert Oddity” collection inspired by a real cult. « Our common desire was to create timeless, sensual and minimalist lines. The inspiration had to be poetic, evoking the imprint of the wind on the sand in an imaginary desert "which refers to David Bowie's Space Oddity imagining himself in h is vessel to better admire our blue planet.». The jewels reproduce the soft and pure curves of the desert, the day and night ecstasies, the incomparable twilight lights through yellow, red or white gold and the crystalline beauty of two laboratory-grown diamonds, one different from the other.

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