In Conversation With Elisabetta Cipriani

The founder of the Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery, tells the features of the new "Force of Nature" exhibition that will be launched on November 18

  • Elisabetta Cipriani

    Elisabetta Cipriani

«Any artist should be free to work in any discipline and the enormity of nature as inspiration, dwarfs any argument to the contrary», says Elisabetta Cipriani. The owner and founder of The Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery as worked in collaboration with author, journalist and curator Melanie Grant on the selling exhibition Force of Nature, which is going to be launching on the evening of 18th November at a private reception at The Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery in Mayfair – 1st floor, 23 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BQ, the foremost destination for artist jewelry in London. All pieces will be available to purchase by private appointment or over the phone until Saturday 27th November. «The combination of artists Melanie has brought together signifies her determination to break down barriers between jewelry and fine art. It is a mission I share» continues. Force of Nature will feature nearly 40 jewels dedicated to Naturalism and the evolution of our relationship with the outside world, created by 17 contemporary artists embracing both figurative and abstract approaches. They are: Ai Weiwei, Bibi van der Velden, Fabio Salini, Frank Stella, Giorgio Vigna, Giuseppe Penone, Grima, Jacqueline Rabun, James de Givenchy, John Moore, Joy BC, Liv Luttrell, Lydia Courteille, Melanie Eddy, Melanie Grant, Satta Matturi, Ute Decker and Wallace Chan. «This is the first time many of the artists have offered their art via a gallery including Grant who debuts her first jewel. As we cautiously emerge back into society, Force of Nature aims to examine the inner revolution that has changed all our lives and ultimately how we will wear that outwardly in the future» she concludes.

  • Lydia Courteille

    Lydia Courteille

  • Grima


  • Fabio Salini

    Fabio Salini

  • Bibi Van Der Velden

    Bibi Van Der Velden

  • Ai Wei Wei

    Ai Wei Wei

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