In conversation with Jacob Abrian

Jacob Abrian founded the Arab Fashion Council (AFC) at the age of 22, as an International extraterritorial authority to regulate the fashion industry in the 22 Arab Countries, and establish a fashion eco system in the region in order to position the Arab.

Arab Fashion Week (AFW). How was the project born? 
Analysing the success of similar business models such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), British Fashion Council (BFC), Camera Nazionale della Moda Italian (CNMI) and the Chambre Syndical de la Couture et de la Prêt-à-Porter, we understood that fashion weeks have always served as a main platform to present the compilation of the designers members of those councils, helping the media and buyers to connect with the industry and supports the Councils in achieving their vision. The first Arab Fashion Week (AFW) was launched on November 2015 in Dubai and till now we have already organised 4 editions. For the 5th edition (November 15-19th), we have signed a partnership with MERAAS, one of the leading Dubai-based companies, with a mandate to celebrate the Arab Fashion Week (AFW) in a citywide activation by involving the retailers and allowing the public to become part of it.

VOD-DIJS and Arab Fashion Week (AFW). Which are the 'main pillars‘ that support this partnership?
There has been always discussions to collaborate between VOD-DIJS and AFW, but they have materialised in a very concrete way by organising both events during the same dates in November, which fits exactly the AFC vision to celebrate the AFW in a citywide activation by co-hosting supporting events with important partners such as VOD-DIJS. It is very imperative to note that the jewellery design has always been considered as a main part of the fashion industry in the Arab Region. The partnership is based on a very close collaboration to amplify the close relationship between the jewellery and fashion design industries.

Fashion and jewels. Which are the main tools that allow them ‘talk’ to each other in a strategic view?
It is a perfect merge because both VOD-DIJS and AFW focus respectively on representing the couture of jewellery and fashion. The same user who is buying a ready couture garment will feel satisfied only if he/she complete their styling process by combing this style with a couture jewellery collection. In my opinion, the partnership between VOD-DIJS and AFW is a sword with double edge; it brings to a closer relationship the dialogue between couture fashion designers and couture jewellery designers, and at the same time, the final consumer will be able to find at their disposal and in one place both industries. In the light of our partnership, we will focus on trend forecasting that is a very strong instrument which will guide both jewellery and fashion designers to find the right parameters and similarities to keep speaking the same language. 

Your personal vision of the Arab fashion and jewellery market.
The Arab consumer is looking for a luxurious product that would make their look standout among the crowd. It is a different mentality from the European consumer that would be able to complete a style without jewellery. In our world, jewellery has the same space that a fashion garment has. It is part of the social etiquette and prestige to wear at least one masterpiece of jewellery that can change according to each event, business meeting or dinner evening.

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    Arab Fashion Week

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