In Conversation with Lucia Echavarría

Magnetic Midnight: unconventional bijoux de tête, that reflect a modern aesthetic imbued with a love for tradition and craftsmanship

The Colombian designer, born in Paris and currently based in NYC, explain us her intricate designs stem from her passion for cultural history and tradition as reflected through dress and adornment.

«I have always been fascinated by ethnic clothes and decorations, fabrics, religious processions, weddings. In other words, everything with an extravagant and festive touch. The idea of Magnetic Midnight,» said designer Lucia Echavarría, «originated during a trip to Iran, at Shiraz. I was so impressed by the mosaics in the mosque, that I thought of Magnetic Midnight as a way to express my love for ancient traditions, costumes, accessories. And it is here that my Colombian roots come out. There, where a headdress strongly evokes a Latin-American look.»

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