In conversation with Margo Raffaelli

This is the successful Instagram profile of Margo Raffaelli, a true jewelry lover with followers in only 3 years

How did you become a jewelry influencer?

I simply started sharing  jewelry pieces that caught my attention. First, I took pictures with my cell phone; later, I hired professional photographers and the content became much better.  I usually clean the list of my followers and block spammers and ‘dead profiles.’ I've blocked around 50,000 profiles. The audience, its interest and passion are much more important. 

The secret of 

My personal touch, tastes, feelings and ideas about beauty. At the beginning, my website was about jewelry news, nothing special. After the Biennale in Paris in 2014, I started writing about my personal experience. In three years, we did over 100 shoots with over 50 brands in the USA, UK, France, Russia, Italy and Turkey, exclusively for Now we are getting ready for a total upgrade of the platform and very soon you’ll see a completely new source. 

Three tips to create successful contents?

Good taste, creativity and attention to the quality of what is posted. Also, it’s good when pieces are worn. So people can see their size and how an item looks against the skin. 

What about your consulting for brands? 

Instagram is a great source for brand promotion and sales. We help companies increase the attention they get from the right audience. Weekly, our IG and FB channels reach over 500,000 people. We know about sales that were a direct result of our publications. I stay loyal to my own tastes and work with a small group of jewelers; some of them are well known brands, many of them private and exclusive companies.

The most impressive piece that you have ever seen? 

Maybe the crocodile necklace for Maria Felix by Cartier. The reptiles look alive! It’s more and more difficult to find something breathtaking. But there are still some jewelers that I adore: Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Arunashi and David Webb. Also, rubies, emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, especially from the collections of Bayco and Moussaieff, they are my deep love.

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