In Conversation with PDPaola

Paola Sasplugas and her brother Humbert, founder of PdPaola, talk about the evolution of the Spanish brand which has grown exponentially in recent years

Your latest collection is made with recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds? 
When we first started out, we didn't think of identifying ourselves as a sustainable jewelry brand and, for now, we cannot claim that we are. However, we do believe environmental and social responsibility is the way forward. It's a process that we’ve already started and will take time as it needs careful thought, planning and implementation. We're certain it's not only achievable but totally worth it!

Social commitment and respect for the environment are becoming important issues in the world of jewelry, what do you think about it?
We are convinced that environmental and social responsibility is the way to go and that it is a long way to go. We want our actions to serve as a basis to drive transformation and therefore we are ready to assume our responsibility. Our goal is to achieve a more responsible jewelry industry.

What are the inspirations behind the collection and its main features?
They are handcrafted designs from recycled 18k gold and mining-free diamonds. The intention is redefining the jewelry essentials.

Let’s talk about the brand… How has your business changed during this latest period?
At the end of 2020, the global turnover of the brand stood at 24 million Euros, which represents a growth of 100% compared to 2019. Despite the pandemic, we were able to double the turnover by covering the challenges that arose through our e-commerce, and consolidating the growth of the main markets. In recent years, work has been done on an omnichannel strategic plan for the Italian market, with a strong digital presence and working on the wholesale channel with one of the most important distributors in the country, Watchlab. At the end of 2020, the turnover of the e-commerce channel was 1.8 million euros, which represents a growth of 250% compared to 2019. In the ranking of countries, Italy was in fourth position in 2020, consolidating throughout the year in our five main markets. In the B2B field, the growth of the brand is being exponential and it has more than 250 physical points of sale spread throughout the territory with the expectation of including more this year 2021. The forecast for the current year is close it with 40 million Euros and placing Italy in our first market in terms of turnover. In addition to increasing our efforts in marketing for the digital channel and working on the wholesale channel, we will promote brand awareness through street marketing actions and collaborating with prominent people in the country such as Chiara Ferragni.

Looking at your campaigns it seems that keeping a tight bond with your clients is a priority for you. How do you create the right storytelling? 
We're all about creating pieces that allow you to express yourself in your own authentic way. In the spirit of the brand lies the adventure of self-discovery, the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Unassuming essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine by your own accord. Every collection is the creation of a new world for the woman of today who is style-conscious, independent, and unapologetically herself. We like to call it rebellious elegance with the right amount of effortless cool.

What about your new projects?
A challenge to do better. We have always advocated for a growth mindset, and growth requires diligent work and the ability to take a hard look at yourself. Sustainability has always been important in our decision-making and business strategies, but the efforts we have made so far are not enough. That said, we approach sustainability as an ongoing journey in which we have challenged ourselves to do better and committed to considering the impact of our decisions on workers, society and the environment.

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