In Conversation with TheDiamondsGirl

Tracey Ellison, known as TheDiamondsGirl, talks about trends at VicenzaOro September 2018

With an edition of VICENZAORO focused on trends – with the opening summit VISIO.NEXT: TRENDS – and with a growing internationl appeal, we asked for a comment from one of the most influential instagrammers of the moment, Tracey Ellisonm, known as TheDiamondsGirl. With her 530,000 followers, TheDiamondsGirl gave us a highly valuable opinion about the more and more International appeal of the Show and the beauty of made in Italy. 


«New trends emerge, and new designers are discovered, as for example in the Design Room»
«VicenzaOro is an opportunity for the all the International jewelry industry to get together and discover what’s new in the exciting world of jewelry. New trends emerge, and new designers are discovered, as for example in The Design Room, and my followers from around the world love seeing my latest discoveries fromVicenzaOro. The Italian style in making jewelry is still a great driver for the market, and I would say increasingly so. As the world of social media continues to expand, there is a growing demand for the kind of cool, chic, beautiful fine jewelry that the Italians are so good at creating. More and more consumers are aware of the importance of well-made jewelry, with expert craftsmanship and beautiful materials. The Italian jewelers take such pride in their work, and there is a growing appreciation for that effort and workmanship. Made in Italy personifies innovation and creativity. I never leaveVicenzaOro without being amazed by seeing new designs and concepts that I simply don't see anywhere else, thanks also to the various cultural and artistic realities. Regarding my personal experience towards social media, let's say that it’s an exciting place to be! Social media means that today, we are all able to view and appreciate the world’s finest jewelry and learn about new talent in the industry. Emerging designers can now easily showcase their jewelry to an audience that is hungry to see more. Anyone who loves jewelry, and is interested in what’s new, exciting, and on point in the jewelry world represents my audience, a mix of consumers and industry insiders. Social media makes everything accessible today, and there are no barriers to enter the social media space. I aim to share with my audience a mix of exceptional, extraordinary pieces, with more classical, traditional jewels. I focus only on pieces that I love, and which I would personally wear. I am hoping that I can inspire my audience, so that they are informed and educated about what’s available out there. From a jeweler’s perspective, I would advise that you do some research before selecting a blogger/influencer to work with. Look at the content they share, and make sure that it is of a quality that you are happy with, and that your pieces are being shared on a platform that carries other jewelry brands that you want to be associated with. TheDiamondsGirl was born out of my passion for beautiful jewelry. It has evolved into a platform where I am able to share some of the world’s best jewelry in a way that people can relate to. My opinion about the diamond market today? The Asian market is strong, with buyers leaning towards more delicate items. Fancy color ones remain hugely popular in the East, owing to their rarity. In the Middle East, larger diamonds and gems remain popular, and buyers often gravitate to 'suites' of high jewelry, whilst in the west, estate jewelry continues its strong growth, with 'vintage' items and family jewels. I must add the caveat that this is a very broad generalization. Jewelry preferences are intensely personal, regardless of where the buyer lives.»

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