In Coversation with Jérôme Favier

The new CEO for Damiani International, Jérôme Favier, talks about the authenticity strategy of the company which, since 1924, has been synonymous of Italian savoir faire

« I have a precise task: to increasingly promote Damiani’s savoir faire and put it on display. Damiani is a business, but, above all, it is an all-Italian story about a family -  now at its third generation - which, merely by putting its own name on a brand, guarantees what it does. Authenticity is the mainstay and the value of the experience that it gives to its clientele is one of its main assets.» Jérôme Favier, CEO at Damiani International since last year – after a lengthy experience in the Richemont Group for the Cartier and JaegeleCoultre brands – lingers considerably on the importance of the family, on the desire to tell the truth and spread the word about Damiani’s patrimony through the family story. Because it is all part of this profession. «The bond with the past is a way to interpret and aim towards the future,» Favier continues. «With over 60 boutiques around the world, we want to make an upgrade, not in quantity but in quality, by strengthening collaboration with our partners. We are a small “transparent” group, we have a strong wholesale culture with exceptional collaboration agreements all over the world, and we are extremely committed to giving opportunity to future generations. In fact, the project aimed at creating a cutting edge production pole in Valenza (by buying the ex Pala ere last year, Ed), reflects the company’s willingness to offer future opportunities, an investment in made in Italy that groups together all our savoir faire in one single location.» The brand’s attendance here at Vicenzaoro, together with some of the Group’s other brands (Salvini, Bliss, Calderoni, Venini), is further con rmation the desire to com- municate what it does by presenting developments in its most iconic and continuous collections, with the still highly strategic bridal line and D.Side and the Belle Epoque and Minou collections, to name but a few. «We have best sellers that are authentic Damiani icons, an exceptionally wide range of products with a precise objective: making what we have even stronger.»

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