Jerome Favier: The Challenges of "Made In"

VOICE opens with a one-to-one interview with Damiani’s Vice President and CEO on the value of Italianness

An inauguration that wastes no time and immediately focuses on one of the event’s key topics by placing the value of Made in Italy in facing the future challenges that the market will pose at center stage. A topic that is as sensitive as it is current and commented on in advance by Jerome Favier, CEO at Damiani. «Italy’s true strength lies totally in its ability to regain possession of the “made in” concept which is, at the same time, the leverage that differentiates us from the rest of the world. Italy is an important hospitality point that ensures a strong sense of Italianness but I believe that potential for development is still greater than awareness. This also means going back to elaborate on those values that were historically winning for many family-run businesses, or rather, the famous founding father’s "reason why". The brands that come out on top will be those able to interpret the spirit of the times while remaining faithful to their roots and company heritage, focusing everything on authenticity and uniqueness. A company with a solid family behind it for three generations, like Damiani, manages to have the strength for a strategy based on these values and its main challenge is to always show the final customer the truth.»

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