'Jewelry: The Body Transformed' at MET

At New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art a new exhibition features 230 precious objects that span the history of jewelry since 2600 B.C. until today

From 12 November until 24 February 2019 you can see ‘Jewelry: The Body Transformed’ at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The exhibition features 230 precious objects that span the history of jewelry since 2600 B.C. until today. There are also sculptures, paintings, prints and photographs that help visitors better understand the stories hidden behind each piece. It is not just a rich showcase for people to see, it also invites visitors to reflect on the evolution and transformation of the human body and encourages an intercultural exchange through an itinerary divided by themes. If the body is a stage, jewelry is one of its most dazzling performers. Throughout history and across cultures, jewelry has served as an extension and amplification of the body, accentuating it, enhancing it, distorting it, and ultimately transforming it. Jewelry is an essential feature in the acts that make us human, be they rituals of marriage or death, celebrations or battles. At every turn, it expresses some of our highest aspirations. Great jewelry from around the world will be presented in a radiant display that groups these ornaments according to the part of the body they adorn: head and hair; nose, lips, and ears; neck and chest; arms and hands; and waist, ankles, and feet. The remaining galleries will be organized thematically in five different sections: The Divine Body, The Regal Body The Transcendent Body, The Alluring Body, The Resplendent Body. Replete with new acquisitions, acknowledged masterpieces, and recent discoveries from the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jewelry: The Body Transformed will test assumptions about what jewelry is and has been. It will also confirm that these precious objects are among the most potent vehicles of cultural memory.

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