Laura Biason, A Connection Builder

The communication expert at the head of Club degli Orafi Italia

  • Direttrice del Club degli Orafi Italia

    Direttrice del Club degli Orafi Italia

A “connection builder”: this is how Laura Biason, newly elected director of Club degli Orafi Italia, is defined. ‘Builder’ probably because she holds a degree in engineering from Turin Polytechnic and ‘connections’ due to the relationships that, in all the roes she has held in her over thirty-year career, she has managed to construct and which are still fundamental to her new position.

Born in 1970, Laura Biason has always been passionate about communication, technological innovation, digital and change management. Throughout her career she has been involved in promoting Made in Italy on international markets. Among her many experiences, her CV also includes directing Vitrum, an international trade fair for the glass sector and a foundation that operates in the social sector.

«One of my main achievements in all these years of supporting Italian companies has certainly been creating a network of connections to place at members’ disposal. I am honored to have now been asked to stand at the helm of Club degli Orafi Italia, an association that expresses Italian goldsmithing excellence in all its forms,» Biason explains. «I will put my skills at the service of this extraordinary sector, continuing along the already excellently travelled road and supporting members in their challenges. Culture, communication, internationalization and business are just some of the areas in which we are already putting the Summit's recommendations into practice.»

Club degli Orafi Italia groups together the best-known companies in Made in Italy jewelry and represents the entire value chain, from mining to production, from brand to retail. It has been supporting entrepreneurs and their companies for over 40 years. «Companies are currently looking for places in which to meet, exchange experiences and, in some cases, even exchange know-how, especially after these last two years when there have been no tradeshow events. I also perceive a willingness to take an ever-closer look at important topics like sustainability, and the chance to create culture and, above all, to be part of a corporate culture, is becoming fundamental. All of this goes beyond mere business economics: we are increasingly talking about social responsibility and sustainability. The issue of internationalization is still important for our Made in Italy jewelry industry, which is considered a heritage, a veritable historical asset, well-inclined to export, that knows how to combine present and future, tradition and innovation. And having a solid partner at your side is always a pleasure.»

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