Laura Inghirami: How we See the Future

The future of industry seen through the eyes of those who will be that future’s main players. A panel that gathers together the voices of four young entrepreneurs from the sector - Alessia Crivelli, Davide Dal Maso, Laura Inghirami, Matteo Ward


Young entrepreneur and Italian voice behind the new digital company Donna Jewel, Laura Inghirami tells stories of craftsmanship around Italy in a Grand Tour of first-class production

Among the most highly-awaited guests at VOICE, is the young Tuscan entrepreneur and Italian jewelry influencer – her Instagram account @Donna.Jewel has over 130,000 followers – will be taking the stage on the opening day of the event to offer the audience her vision of the sector’s future. Donna Jewel is a research project that supports young emerging talents with specific contests on Instagram and assesses Made in Italy, an aspect that Laura Inghirami further boosted in 2019 by launching her Grand Tour initiative, a journey through Italy’s top production, from North to South. «My aim is to transmit and tell the artisan stories hidden behind the products. Stories of Italianness, made up of experience, culture, art and tradition that I select on the basis of certain criteria that include history and technique. I love to relate with the territories and I am curious to discover the faces of those who create the emotion that only jewelry can evoke. "How We See the Future" perfectly fits in with my way of thinking because VOICE too, in its own way, aims to make us all equal by looking in the same direction. In other words, towards defending and supporting Made in Italy. My vision wants to reinforce the power of that all-Italian cultural aspect, to transmit what lies behind the ethics of production, the sense of work, the experience and tradition handed down from generation to generation. I love placing my digital communication skills at the disposal of small artisan businesses and discovering that they are really curious to learn about this dimension which, for them, is decidedly new. There are still some logics of the past that need to be worked on, but I strongly believe in a future where we can speak of 4,0 craftsmanship.»



Alessia Crivelli
Alessia Crivelli, President of Fondazione Mani Intelligenti, joins the panel of under-30s to launch a message of optimism for the world to come

«I am delighted to be on this stage, because the future is re-written starting from the new generations. I am an optimistic, and I believe that what we do today will be something beautiful, especially if we let the young speak. The future I see is green and sustainable, interpreted in the ideas of people, in a new way of communicating and in the desire to tell our stories, something that did not exist before. Now there is a willingness to transmit skills, to explain what we are doing and what we are. Our sector deserves all of this, and having overcome resistances that, over time, have distanced us from these logics, has to be the link between luxury, manufacture, craftsmanship and eternity. A small form of art that requires heart and passion.»


Teacher and Social Media Marketing coach, founder of the NGO Social Warning – Movimento Etico Digitale and one of the top under-30 Italians according to Forbes. On the VOICE stage to speak about trust

«Take the best of the past, live the present, think of the future.» This is what Davide Dal Maso invites you to do on his homepage - – and, to some extent, what summarizes the topic of the talk "How We See the Future". Social media coach, Davide Dal Maso works in close contact with companies operating in the gold-jewelry sector, flanking them along an internal training course on the use of social media. The topic of trust, which is very dear to him, is the core from which everything stems. «Trust has always been linked to the on-line jewelry world which, during the Covid crisis, grew considerably. When there are fewer touch points available and fewer chances to meet with buyers, the social media become the activators for transferring trust to potential customers. A fundamental lever to use in response to less physical contact and to achieve concrete results, which means knowing how to stand out from those that make a similar product. Therefore, the social networks are a tool for explaining the artisan aspect behind the product because, if you only show the finished item, what lies behind its production will never be known. That is why it is essential to work on a strategic planning and design plan that will allow you to create ad hoc content for your website, facebook, instagram and even your linkedin profiles and to act on two levels: firstly, people, to show the value of craftsmanship, and then the territory and Made in Italy, which must then be explained. A process of awareness and action that also involves the company’s commercial side in order to always be in contact with the buyers and to nurture relations as well as to construct the future by giving value to what you already know how to do rather than constructing something new.»



Matteo Ward
Industries that exploit non-essential output, production, water consumption and waste all on the increase. How can a future be built?

«Corporate responsibility does not mean focusing on new dress models but designing systems that justify exploiting our planet’s resources. The future depends on the ability to construct productive processes that, rather than being destructive, are regenerative. This is the road to take in order to be able to speak of a systematic revolution that involves both the production side, with ad hoc instruments, and the educational side to address the people. We also need to review credit access models and recognize the value of human capital when analyzing corporate risk.»

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