Lectra: Cloud Solutions for the Industry 4.0

Thanks to Kubix Link, Lectra empowers customers through industrial intelligence. Sales Director Antonella Capelli explains more in this interview

 Who Antonella Capelli, Sales Director
 Where Milan
 Why Empowering customers through industrial intelligence
 Web lectra.com

For almost fifty years Lectra has made innovation its territory of choice and now counts more than 23,000 customers in the fashion, automotive and furnishing industries. Founded in Paris in 1973, in recent years the company has also acted as a mentor for innovative startups such as Kubix Lab in Italy, acquired in 2018, which has developed a cloud platform to integrate all company procedures, and Retviews from Belgium, taken over in 2019, which offers a technology through which fashion brands can analyze digital assortment data in real time. «These operations are in line with our concept of Industry 4.0, which is to provide companies with solutions, services and tools to aid their growth and digitization process» explained Antonella Capelli, Sales Director at Lectra. «To be precise, Kubix Link, with its PLM, PIM and DAM functionalities, has turned out to be particularly well suited to the luxury world because it's an extremely user-friendly collaborative platform.» And while the solution’s mimetic capacity, which is able to adapt to the needs of individual companies and evolve alongside them, has convinced companies such as Pomellato, OTB and Etro, nowadays the luxury industry must equip itself in order to meet the market’s latest challenges. «We need to communicate with the new consumer generations by creating a connection that starts from the product supply chain and arrives at the customer quickly and with a more personalized approach» Capelli continues. «Fashion and jewelry companies are demonstrating an enormous capacity for adaptation. Nevertheless, managing the bulk of all the information, generating a truly interactive standard, will be the real challenge for the future.»

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