Let's Go to Dubai for VOD

VOD, Dubai International Jewellery Show, the 'Place to Be' to discover the new 'waves' and jewelry trends of the Mena markets

Dubai. 14-17 November 2018. It's time of VOD, the Dubai International Jewellery Show. Inside the unmissable Mena market event with an open dialogue with Luca Veronesi, Show Director VOD, Dubai International Jewellery Show, and Emanuele Guido, General Manager DV Global Link and Group Strategy & International Business Development Director IEG.


The 2018 edition of VOD DIJS is all in the name of consolidating the B2B – B2C formula launched in Dubai last year. Can you give us more details about how this concept will be fortified? 
L.V. Considering the evolution and the changement of the jewelry scenario in the Middle East, the mixed formula was successful because there are some mutual interests between producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. We have examples of historical ‘trade’ operators that want to meet the consumers face to face to directly understand their tastes and needs, but also because they are integrating downstream with direct sales channels. On the other hand, we have the big retailers that are giving the eye to a trade distribution of buyers that do not deal with large volumes. 

Let’s talk about the Show program. Can you outline a few highlights? 
L.V. The parade program is very full again. Fashion shows provide the chance to admire the best jewelry in the Show with four themes, one for each day: Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Colored Stones Jewelry and Emirati Design Jewelry. Great attention will be paid to designer jewelry: in fact, we are flanking the fashion shows with a forum on jewelry design and the prize-giving of a competition for under-16 designers. In re- gard to the trade area, we have devised training forums on optimizing retail activities which will involve themes like sta training, digital promotion and 3D printing. 

What are the strong points of the Show whose claim of being a ‘truly international show’ aims considerably at internationality? Why is Dubai so strategic? 
E.G. Dubai is a fundamental hub for all the MENA and sub-continent region. For this reason, VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show should not be regarded as an event just for the Dubai market. Over 50% of our trade public comes from outside the United Arab Emirates. The exhibition offer is also vast, with exhibitors from all the main producing countries in the world. 

How will you be promoting Italian companies? 
L.V. The participation of Italian companies is extremely important because the public specifically asks for Italian products. It is therefore in our interests to promote the attendance of Made in Italy companies to a maximum. In fact, we have designed a special area located close to the events area with a specific communication program for all the Italian participants. 

What are the strong points that this partnership between IEG and Dubai World Trade Centre brings so that VOD DIJS can become more and more strategic for Italian companies? 
E.G. DV Global Link is a joint venture between IEG and Dubai World Trade Centre. Besides VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show, this year it is also organizing Dubai Optical Show-VISION X. In both cases, the aim of the event is to stimulate and favor business for Italian companies and IEG clients in the MENA and subcontinent areas, which, for various reasons is hard to do ‘remotely’. Middle East remains one of the primary markets for Italian exports and there’s an alignement between ITA - Italian Trade Agency, Con- ndustria Federora and IEG in maintainig and strengthening Italy’s position. The aim is also to exploit the enormous moment of visibility that Dubai will have on the occa- sion of Expo 2020. 

In a previous interview, you spoke of great e orts in bringing African buyers to Dubai. What do they want from Italian companies and, in turn, how do you think Italian companies should ‘exploit’ with a market that is still practically virgin? 
E.G. The African market has extremely high potential but its structure still has to be developed. This is why it is so hard for companies to come into contact with African operators. Starting from our network of relations, we are making enormous efforts to bring a group of quali ed buyers to Dubai. Nevertheless, it is an uphill journey because, even after an initial contact with subjects that have considerable buyer potential, managing commercial relations is still complicated. But it is good to bear in mind that, those who manage to break the ice first and activate the most di cult markets, have a long-lasting competitive edge. ◆

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