Lisa O.: from the First Step to Success

Face to face with Lisa Osimo, founder of Lisa O. and creative designer at Osigem Group’s Forever Unique

Lisa Osimo is a “child of art” since it was her father, a skilled gemologist and founder of Osigem, who kick-started the family jewelry business in 1992. After graduating from Central St. Martins in London and a year's experience at another company, in 2019, at just 25 years old, Lisa not only became creative director of Forever Unique, a brand created in 2014, she also founded Lisa O. Here is a brief summary of those first intense three years.

«Anyone who starts a company knows that the initial period is never easy. They know that they face numerous obstacles and have to give their all to overcome them. Well, when I think that I launched Lisa O. in January 2020, I almost can't believe what happened afterwards because it was a success right from the beginning. The first collection, Groumette, with gold, diamonds and enamels, immediately and precisely gave the brand identity, conveying the feeling of playfulness and irreverence that I had in mind. The extreme colorfulness of the showcases at Vicenzaoro January 2020 got them noticed and enamel, which, in the past two years, has taken off just about everywhere and has become a mainstream of fashion and precious jewelry, attracted the interest of many buyers. It couldn't have gone any better. Not even the arrival of Covid stopped us: we had to close for a couple of months, like everyone else, but then we got back on track, so much so that 2021 went even better than the previous year. A piece of jewelry that I designed while I was home sick with Covid also acted as a driving force: I called it 'Na gioia' in response to the pervading pessimism of those months. It is a handmade bracelet, a sort of scooby doo in gold and silk threads with a central 5-point diamond. Other cult pieces very representative of Lisa O.'s style are the Jam ring, with a setting and heart-shaped central stone surrounded by a full pavè of diamonds, and the new Musetto, where only the central stone is heart-shaped, surrounded by a convex pavè. Both are chevalier rings, but, in line with the out-of-the-box spirit I love, they can be worn on any finger.

After these two explosive years, the phase we are going through now is one of careful reflection on where and how to expand, although the trend we have noticed is a clear appreciation from the Middle Eastern and US markets, perhaps due to a manifest propensity for creativity that expresses a slightly “louder” luxury.»

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