LuisaViaRoma at VICENZAORO September

Nicola Antonelli, Project Manager of the historic boutique in Florence, guest at the Digital Talks.

Being ahead of the curve by starting an e-commerce site way back in 2000, bringing digital culture into the company, and having the courage to make mistakes. For Nicola Antonelli — who talked about his digital experience at LuisaViaRoma during the first series of Digital Talks at VICENZAORO — the digital success of the LVR brand has to do with a combination of factors. «Transforming a retail company from 1930, which is both historic and cutting edge, into a digital entity was not easy. The winning formula was putting the client at the centre and offering quality service — free express shipping, customer service in different languages, and exclusive packaging. Today, our product offering includes more than 600 brands, from the most famous to young talents. But I won’t hide the fact that there have been many critical issues. Firstly, the need for high-tech solutions and qualified personnel has meant that, unfortunately, we’ve had to rely on foreign suppliers due to a large ‘gap’ in our country. We’ve also had to develop in-house solutions due to a lack of solutions on the market. In general, however, I feel like digital is always an opportunity for expansion and for optimizing internal processes, for B2B as well as B2C.»

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