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Manuganda Launches the Digital Passport for Twist Jewelry

Designer Manuela Gandini experiments a new blockchain technology that certifies a jewel’s authenticity and ownership

It is known as Digital Passport and the fact that the sector in which it has been tested is jewelry, sends out a very positive and visionary message to a public that is usually less accustomed to seeing how technology can enhance the preciousness of a piece of jewelry. Manuela Gandini, the creative mind behind Manuganda and who designed the digital passport for her Twist collection, now on display at Vicenza’s Jewelry Museum, explains. 

What is the Digital Passport for Twist jewelry?
«It is the “digital twin” of the physical jewel – identified through a univocal series number – that certifies its authenticity and ownership through the use of blockchain-based technologies. The Digital Passport is accessible by means of an app on a mobile phone that takes you into the Manuganda universe, from the design to production, guaranteeing uniqueness, traceability and origin. With the Digital Passport, the “life” of the jewel can be traced in time through the various ownerships as a gift or as a sold item. Thanks to blockchain based technology, the journey of each piece of jewelry can be followed in its entirety, enhancing the jewel-innovation hybridization. The key elements on which this technology is based are: 

- Traceability and design process: by interfacing with information on the product’s history and its entire life cycle. Inspiration, design method, raw material and production choices.

- Transparency: increased transparency towards a made-to-order and made-to-measure process that aims to consolidate customer confidence.

- Authenticity: the certified authenticity guarantees the quality of the materials and the origin of each individual element that makes up the jewel.

- Longevity: by preserving the past, embracing the present and looking to the future, Digital Passport guarantees that the jewel's history is transmitted from generation to generation.

The Digital Passport also takes on the function of a Wallet, offering a digital overview of previously and recently purchased Manuganda jewelry and transferring its ownership after either gifting or selling it.» From 2021 MANUGANDA adopts the digital passport - developed by True Twins - for the permanent collection and unique pieces. The two jewels, Twist A and Twist B, on display in the Future Room at the Jewelry Museum also have a digital passport that the exhibition visitors can access by reading a QRCODE. The preciousness of Twist lies in its innovative, open and infinite shape as well as its dual function - ring and earcuff - which enhances its adaptability to the body. From the world of ideas to that of matter that becomes form, Twist lives in the contemporary and looks to the future. An opening where concrete presence mirrors the abstract and moves with the same steps and the same speed. Like two sides of the same coin, the material jewel coexists alongside its "digital twin": while the former represents structural, stylistic and emotional longevity, the purpose of the latter lies in preserving a wealth of information that would otherwise be lost in the "marasmus" of objects that inhabit the present. Twist uses its "digital twin" to hand down the past it has already written and which, from today, will also be written in the future and the Digital Passport guarantees its permanence over time, protecting each piece of information in terms of design traceability, manufacturing processes, the people who have shaped it and those who have owned and worn it. Just as its shape, combined with the "anti-corrosive" property of titanium, helps the TWIST jewel to have a timeless future permanence, the Digital Passport opens the doors to an innovative system of data storage in which material and digital coexist in symbiosis through time. The Digital Passport is automatically assigned an access code at the time of purchase which will be sent at the moment of registration. For further information: https://manuganda.it


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