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Massimo Gismondi On The Jewelry Cultural Evolution

Gismondi 1754 jewelry was among the big stars at Sanremo 2022, an edition that featured top names in Italian jewelry, helping to spread the more intrinsic value of precious metals. We talked with CEO Massimo Gismondi

  • Massimo Gismondi

    Massimo Gismondi

From Mahmood, the winner of the Sanremo Song Festival 2022, who wore Swarovski jewelry created by the current creative director Giovanna Battaglia, to Maria Chiara Giannetta, Malika Ayane and Anna Valle in precious items by Crivelli. From Achille Lauro, Noemi and Lorena Cesarini illuminated by Bulgari creations, to Sabrina Ferilli who opted for those by Pasquale Bruni. And then Maneskin and Emma Marone with Gucci accessories, Sangiovanni and Arisa with Rue Des Mille, and Michele Bravi who chose several refined pieces by Gismondi 1754. Although we may have neglected to mention a few, what is certain is that this year, jewelry played a leading role on the Sanremo stage, so much so that it dictated new jewelry trends for next spring-summer: sculptural chockers, luminous unisex earcuffs and letters to express one’s thoughts. This main advantage of this incisive presence, however, was disseminating the intrinsic value of jewelry as something not merely linked to its workmanship and aesthetics, demonstrating how a precious artefact can be perfect for underlining the strength of a message - in this particular case, contained in the words of the songs of the competing artists... In the same way, it also showed us how jewelry, through the notes of Italian music, was able to vibrate with new frequencies and reach an ever-wider audience. Is fine jewelry becoming increasingly more democratized? We spoke to Massimo Gismondi, CEO of the historic Genoese brand Gismondi 1754, to reflect on the cultural evolution that is impacting high-end jewelry.

Jewelry played a leading role on the Sanremo 2022 stage. It seems that fine jewelry is becoming more and more democratized...
There is no doubt that interest in high-quality jewelry and creativity is increasing. Mainly due to social media, more and more people can now see jewelry in the comfort of their homes for as long and as often as they want, arousing desire - "which means: plucking from the stars". A piece of jewelry embodies a dream that, as such, is accessible to everyone. We can all dream and very often dreams can come true and are there, ready for the taking, to celebrate successes, memories, emotions, everybody’s own stories.

What is your personal opinion of the increased attention that jewelry received this year at one of Italy's most popular events?
It is normal to put high quality products (clothes, jewelry), which represent our country’s excellence, on display to the world at one of Italy's most watched events.

How much does the way of communicating the preciousness and value of a piece of jewelry change with respect to the artist wearing it? 
An artist chooses self-expression, mood and identity through an item of jewelry, an outfit or hairstyle. In our opinion, this is where the value of jewelry lies. When our jewelry is chosen, we are filled with pride; it means that we have managed to make our emotions understood and that someone has made them their own and identified with them. For example, the earrings from the Clip collection, inspired by a simple and humble object that we all use practically every day to delicately bind sheets of paper together, represent, in our view, the story of an aroused emotion that leaves little imprints on the heart, the promise of a love that might grow. Just like the words of the song by Michele Bravi, who wore them at Sanremo, which speak of the fears and hopes of love. For us, "winter flowers" are the hope of spring... Clip is all this and Michele recognized the link.

Is there any difference if the wearer is an actor, musician or other type of artist?
Everyone lives, dreams, loves. Everyone, regardless of their gender or profession. Everyone, for one reason or another, wears jewelry, clothes, shoes... I don't see any difference. Life is marked by what happens during our daily lives and our things, including our jewelry, help us to tell our own story.

Gismondi 1754 and music, do you intend to consolidate this union?
As I said, jewelry belongs to people's lives, like music and a thousand other things that fill everyone's life stories. Gismondi 1754 will always be there to help remember important moments.

  • Michele Bravi with Gismondi 1754

    Michele Bravi with Gismondi 1754

  • Gismondi1754


  • Achille Lauro with Bulgari

    Achille Lauro with Bulgari

  • Achille Lauro with Bulgari

    Achille Lauro with Bulgari

  • Arisa with Rue des Mills

    Arisa with Rue des Mills

  • Emma Marrone with Gucci

    Emma Marrone with Gucci

  • Malika Ayane with Crivelli

    Malika Ayane with Crivelli

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