Meet the Buyer: Roseark

In West Hollywood, California, at the center of a lush garden opened in 2003 by Kathy and Rick Rose, a jewelry bungalow with an exotic appeal blooms

«Roseark is so many things altogether. It is a house, a gallery, a sanctuary, a boutique. It is a magical place all in the name of art, a special place where numerous artists from all over the world live together. A kind of ark that groups and caresses the spirit of designers with as many identities as affinities. I founded this place about twenty years ago with Rick and since then, Roseark has become a Mecca for all those looking for unusual jewelry, something different to anything else around. And the digital versions obviously mean that we can reach an ever-increasing public who now follow us loyally, especially on our Instagram account, thanks to which we are able to give them a “live” daily experience. In my constant and tireless search for designers who have something new to communicate, Roseark can now boast new entries like Estevana, Nada G., L’Atelier Nawbar, Noor Shamma, Falamank by Tarfa Itani, Lina Rai, Aurara Sage, Jessica Ranek... There is also a very strong trend for ear decorations, from the lobes upwards, with models and styles ranging from the most low-key to piercing tattoo types which my neighbor, Brian Keith Thompson from Body Electric Tattoo, launched with his constellation effect tattoos. Speaking of price, however, we make no discriminations and can start from 100 dollars to more than 10,000, from easy-to-wear bracelets, to diamond hoops and chokers with rivières. Of course, the selection is fundamental and my designers must stand out in terms of quality, originality and design. All the artists with us have a background in design, like, for example, Manya and Roumens, who create a small, wearable compendium of beasts and who I have had the privilege of following since the beginning. If I wanted to find a definition for Roseark, Roseark is me, it perfectly represents my world and my way of life. But that’s not all. Roseark is also my team, it is my business partner, Rick, all the designers, artists, in short, our entire community. The approach and vision that I have towards this world reflect my extremely personal bond with jewelry. A “relationship” based on balance, moderation, team work. I don’t think, for example, that it is fashion that influences jewelry, but more the other way around. I always start from the jewelry, from my diamond chandeliers that go so perfectly with my blazers. I think of the turquoises and emeralds that are always in tune with my Nike. Plans for the future? Many. Above all, the necklace “Rising Phoenix” in collaboration with Alanis Morissette».

Roseark 1

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