Mentorship: Giampiero Bodino

Four big names that offer their suggestions for the future names to know



«I find the work at the Parts of Four studio exceptionally intriguing with its strong and essential lines. The research into met- als that they have proposed recently is truly wonderful. It almost makes me think of a great designer from the past, Line Vautrin. Pof4 is, in my opinion, a synthesis of atavistic influences, shapes that look to Africa with the eyes of a modern Constantin Brancusi.»

«This project is an exploration in the dark and, as such, is some- what void of particular inspirations. Our collections are self-refer- ential. When designing new pieces, I do my best to take in as little visual stimulus, no images. This may sound extreme but I have per- sonally found it too easy to become influenced and automatically begin to replicate rather than create. Obviously, it would be absurd to argue that any idea is truly unique, but I do my best to keep that referencing subconscious. I have found a sort of Zen quietness in this self imposed darkness and within that peaceful place I try to al- low the forms to define themselves in the most non-conscious way I can, arriving as bursts of inspiration or found through empirical process. The latter much more akin to the work of an engineer than a designer. I have re- cently come to the conclusion that my process is very much like the work of a modular sound syn- thesist, creating connections and exploring har- monics. Fundamental forms (and frequencies) are used over and over again, layered, combined, filtered and re-shaped as a continuous process of seeking richer and more complex forms. Once you find a sweet spot, you delicately and precisely fine tune.»

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