Mentorship: Suzanne Syz

For the last chapter of our Mentorship Suzanne Syz choses Emmanuel Tarpin, a young talent that think “outside the box”





«I discovered Emmanuel Tarpin’s work at Gem Genève last year. He was showing 5-6 pieces which were very nice designs and the workmanship was excellent. It is very important that young talented jewelers make no compromise on the quality of their work, and the workmanship completes the idea of excellence. And Tarpin’s pieces were perfect in their design and craftmenship. He is only 25 years old and is already showing great talent. I liked also that he is discret and that his work speaks for him. In general, I appreciate young talent to think “outside the box” and propose designs that were never done. Trends don’t last but good works will always look great. And I love the innovation also with new material, stones or technics and the mixed of colors. Young talents have plenty of possibilities to explore and create pieces that are di erent. They need to set no barriers to their designs and push to workshop to their limits to create something spectacular and new.» 

«I’m 26 years old and I was born in Annecy, in the heart of the Alps. I have always loved art and precious stones and I began to sculpture at the age of 13. After art and design high school in Geneva with jewelry as a specialization, I began to work for Van Cleef & Ar- pels. The idea of knowing how to create jewelry even before design- ing it is essential for me. Being a jeweler, I can do all the various steps, from wax sculpturing to constructive dialogues with the craftsmen.»

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